Withdrawing From Classes

Financial Aid Impact when Withdrawing from Classes

Withdrawing from one or more of your classes can affect your financial aid depending on when you withdraw and your last date of attendance for each class being withdrawn. If you received a Federal Pell Grant, you must successfully complete your course work or your Pell Grant for future semesters could be affected.

You earn your financial aid based solely on the length of time you attend class at Hawkeye. Therefore, you may not have earned all of your financial aid when you withdraw or stop attending classes. Your financial aid will then be prorated and may cause you to have a bill.

If you withdraw from class before the financial aid lock date, your financial aid award may be adjusted. Your financial aid award is based on the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled.

The financial aid office will not know the final results of any adjustments to your financial aid Award until after you have withdrawn.

After the refund period, you will be responsible to pay tuition and fees for classes you have not dropped on My Hawkeye > My WebAdvisor > WebAdvisor for Students > Registration > Register and Drop Sections. Not attending a class will not drop you from it or stop you from being billed for it.

If you attended past the financial aid lock date, withdrawing from some of your classes may also cause you to be put on Financial Aid Warning or Suspension due to Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Guidelines.

If you do not attend a late start class, you will not have earned grant funds for that class. If you have tuition or fees due for that class based on the date of your withdrawal, you will be responsible for those charges.

The timing of your withdrawal from a late start class will affect the calculation of how much financial aid you actually earned for the term.

If you are enrolled in, or plan to enroll, for another future late start class (after withdrawing from a previous class), you will be asked to provide, in writing, your “Intent to Attend” the future late start class. Failure to do so will result in an automatic calculation of “earned” financial aid.

When you withdraw from all of your classes, any loans you received while attending Hawkeye will go into repayment. You will automatically be placed on Financial Aid Suspension.

Please always check with the Financial Aid office before making your final decision on withdrawing.

Withdrawal Process

To withdraw from your class(es), you must do so through My Hawkeye > My WebAdvisor > WebAdvisor for Students > Registration > Register and Drop Sections.

The withdrawal date is the date on which you start the withdrawal process or the date that you provide official notification to Hawkeye Community College of your intent to withdraw. However, if Hawkeye Community College can document an academically related activity different than the date that you officially withdrew, that date may be used.

If you leave school and fail to follow the withdrawal process, then it is assumed that you withdrew at the midpoint of the period of enrollment unless Hawkeye Community College is able to document a date of academically-related activity that is later than the midpoint. Your withdrawal date will be used to calculate the amount of Federal Title IV Funds that will need to be returned.

The Financial Aid office is responsible for the calculation of the amount of Federal Title IV funds that you have earned at the point of withdrawal.

Returning Unearned Financial Aid Funds

Hawkeye Community College will return any unearned aid that was applied to your institutional charges. You must return any unearned funds allocated to a loan program under the terms and conditions of the promissory note.

If you owe a grant overpayment, you must make satisfactory repayment arrangements either with the Business Office at Hawkeye Community College or with the Department of Education.

If you fail to make satisfactory repayment arrangements within 14 days of the date on the notice of overpayment, you will be reported to the National Student Loan Data System and will become ineligible for future financial aid.

For more detailed information about your earned and unearned financial aid, please read the information on Determining Your Earned / Unearned Financial Aid.

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