Paying for College

Tuition and Fees

Hawkeye strives to provide the highest quality education at the lowest cost possible.

Costs Per Credit Hour

2013-2014 Academic Year Resident Non-Resident*
Tuition $141 $166
Student Activity Fee $2 $2
Computer Fee $4 $4
Total Tuition and Fees per Credit Hour $147 $172
2014-2015 Academic Year Resident Non-Resident*
Tuition $145 $170
Student Activity Fee $2 $2
Computer Fee $4 $4
Total Tuition and Fees per Credit Hour $151 $176

* Non-resident tuition is based on our residency policy.

You are responsible for the tuition and fees for classes in which you have registered. You will not be withdrawn from school for nonpayment of tuition and/or non-attendance. See the tuition refund policy for more information.

Program Supplies & Fees

Some programs, especially career or technical programs, may have additional costs such as course fees, lab fees, uniforms, tools, supplies, or equipment expenses. Total estimated program costs are available in Programs of Study. Contact your academic department for estimated additional program costs.

Total Cost of Attendance

A student's financial need is based on the total Cost of Attendance at Hawkeye. In addition to defining financial need, the Cost of Attendance sets the limit on the total financial aid a student may receive. The cost components that can be included are prescribed by law.

Hawkeye's cost of attendance is an estimate based on average educational expenses you can incur while attending classes at Hawkeye.

Estimated Cost of Attendance for Financial Aid Purposes
Based on a nine-month academic year of a full time student living on their own.
Tuition and Fees $4,004
Costs for room and board vary depending upon dependency status and your living arrangement, such as living with a parent or in an apartment. Typical costs range from $1,520 to $5,720 for the nine-month academic year.
Books and Supplies
The cost of books and supplies varies each semester and largely depends on your needs and your program of study. Contact the Hawkeye Bookstore for information about the cost of books.
Personal Expenses
Personal expenses vary according to personal circumstances and spending habits.
Transportation expenses vary depending on how far you live from campus and your vehicle.
Student Loan Fees $32
Hawkeye's Total Cost of Attendance $16,250

If you feel that your cost of attendance should be adjusted for financial aid purposes because you are enrolled in a program that requires tools or equipment, please contact the Financial Aid office.

If you are enrolled less than half-time, your cost of attendance for financial aid cannot include housing, personal, or miscellaneous expenses.

Community and Continuing Education Courses

Course fees for non-credit Community and Continuing Education courses are available from the Business and Community Education department.


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