HIV and AIDS Policies

Hawkeye doesn't discriminate against students for admission or enrollment on the basis of a handicapping condition or medical status.

If you have been identified as having the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), you will be allowed to attend Hawkeye in an unrestricted setting, unless conditions arise that place you and others at risk of special health hazards. Hawkeye does not pre-screen or test students for the purpose of detecting HIV. Your admission, enrollment, or continued attendance will not be based on you providing proof of being HIV free.

The Dean of Students will serve as or will designate a spokesperson to act as a liaison to students regarding Hawkeye's policies on HIV and AIDS. Hawkeye employees will be provided with current and accurate information regarding HIV and AIDS.

Confidentiality of an HIV-Infected Student

Information regarding your HIV status is treated as confidential. With your written permission, information will be released to need to know individuals determined by you, your physician, and Hawkeye officials. These individuals will maintain strict confidentiality of your information. Individuals who disclose information are subject to disciplinary action and civil liability.

If, in violation of the policy, you are denied admission to Hawkeye or continued education based on your HIV status, you may appeal the decision to Hawkeye's President. Additionally a conflict in the release of confidential medical information may be appealed to Hawkeye's President.

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