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Printing and Copying On Campus

PaperCut is a print management software that has been implemented at Hawkeye to bring awareness to printing cost and conservation and to begin shaping improved printing behavior.

All registered Hawkeye students will be given a $25 print/copy quota per semester in their PaperCut account. As you print or copy the cost of your print/copy job will be deducted from your print balance.

Guests may purchase pre-paid Print Cards at the Hawkeye Library.

Cost to Print or Copy

The cost to print or copy is calculated per piece of paper used.

Black and White Color
Single Sided $0.05 Varies depending on the printer
Approximately $0.15
Double Sided $0.08


When you logon to any Hawkeye computer you will see the PaperCut pop-up which shows your current balance.

When you print a document, you will see a pop-up informing you of the cost of your print job and the remaining balance on your account. At that point you may confirm to print or cancel to change your print settings.

Students can print from various kiosks on campus, in the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab, or in the Library.


When you need to use one of the photocopiers on campus you can login with:

You will see your name and current balance on the display pad.

Your PaperCut Account

You can access your PaperCut Account online at To login, use your Hawkeye username and password.

Adding Credit

If your balance goes to $0.00 or gets low you can add money to your account using a credit card or a pre-paid Print Card. To do so, login to your PaperCut Account online and click on "Add Credit."

Pre-Paid Print Cards

Hawkeye students and guests may purchase pre-paid Print Cards at the Hawkeye Library.

Pre-paid Print Cards contain a 16-digit identification number. When you logon to a Hawkeye computer or copier, you can enter the card's ID number in the PaperCut section. Your account will automatically be credited the funds you put on your Print Card.

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