Food and Culture Event: Food Selfies

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Food is central to our existence. Thus, it is something that we all share. Yet, how we experience food is very much rooted in the social, political, economic, religious, and psychological. To that end, it can also be quite divisive.

Tied to our self and social identities are what we eat (and what we don’t eat), as well as how we eat it, when, where, and with whom. These are not simply issues of personal choice and consequence. Food is connected to cultural traditions (e.g., holidays, family roles); economic production, distribution, and consumption patterns (e.g., food harvesting, processing, shipping, access); local-global connections (e.g., sharing of cultures, making foods available in off-season/non-native areas); corporatization (e.g., ownership of food, marketing practices); science and technology (e.g., preservation, GMOs); government regulation and subsidization (e.g., FDA, farming), health and wellness (e.g., nutrition, obesity, eating disorders), etc.

So what do you like to eat? What’s your favorite food? Whether it’s something home-cooked or prepared in a restaurant, most of us have foods that bring not just nutritional fulfillment but also provide a sense of comfort, memory, and identity.

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