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Etc. Literary Art Magazine

ETC Magazine Submissions Needed

Our mission in this magazine is to inspire and create a stronger community through art and literature. We hope that these varying media platforms will give students the opportunity to speak up and show support and acceptance throughout our campus.


ETC: An Anthology was inspired by the numerous prevailing themes of the 2019–2020 Hawkeye Reads book selection The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. We chose four themes we feel have the most impact among our campus.

Theme 1: Community

The main theme in The Hate U Give is community. Support and interaction are how we learn and grow, they inspire identity, value, and belonging. It’s fundamental for the success of students at Hawkeye. It’s the root to several other branching themes.

Theme 2: Dual Identity

Throughout life we wear different hats and play different roles. Our goals, self perception and values are determined by the identities we are given and those that we chose. In The Hate U Give the characters navigate topics of duality and damaging preconceptions. That prejudice leads to confusion and uncertainty of the term justice.

Theme 3: Justice

Justice has a complex uncertainty making its reality hard to pin down. The foundations of justice are equity, representation, and voice. It can be blurry defining where criminal acts and social equality meet. Justice is often associated with voice as it can be used to silence someone or speak out against the unjust.

Theme 4: The Power of Language

To silence someone’s voice is to deny their identity. The main character of The Hate U Give is continuously seeking justice through language instead of violence. The ability to use language as a weapon of piece is one that requires passion, knowledge, and comprehension.

Enter Your Work for Consideration for the 2020 ETC Hawkeye Magazine

This year in the spirit of community and inclusivity we are trying to branch out and offer more media forms, photography, video, audio, painting, drawing, and literature.

Any creative piece you want to submit we’ll consider it for ETC!

To use this platform and get your creative work published, visit us on Facebook and submit a form and your art at: 

For consideration to be published in the 2020 edition, please submit your work by Friday, March 20, 2020.

All fields marked with * are required.

Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to submit your entries. At this time, the form does not work in Internet Explorer.

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If you do not have access to equipment to scan or photograph your work, please e-mail to coordinate a time to drop off your artwork.

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