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ETC Magazine Submissions Needed

Etcetera Literary Art Magazine is a creative channel for all kinds of artists looking to be published. ETC is looking for creative works, including but not limited to, visual art, photography, and literary work, for our 2018 version of the magazine. We are looking especially for work that will coincide with this year's Hawkeye Reads cross-curriculum read, A Long Way Home, by Saroo Brierley

We are looking for pieces that will follow along with the variety of themes from the story including: 

  • The search for “self” and developing one’s identity (Psychology, Fine and Performing Arts)
  • Attachment/family relationships (Psychology)
  • Nature vs. nurture: Influence of biological family and adoptive family (Psychology)
  • Perception and memory: Comparing a child’s memory of home to an adult’s perception upon seeing it years later (Psychology, Fine and Performing Arts)
  • Resiliency (Psychology)
  • Poverty  (Economics, Sociology, Social Problems, Photography, or Fine Arts if visual representations)
  • Statistics: What is the probability that Saroo would find his family? (Mathematics)
  • GIS: Global positioning technology (Google Maps)
  • Film adaptation: What are the similarities between the book by Brierley and the film adaptation “Lion?” (Communications, Humanities)
  • Social Problems: Human trafficking; childhood experiences in third world countries. (Sociology, Humanities, Law Enforcement)
  • Determinism, fate, or destiny vs. constructivism, chance. (Philosophy)
  • Multiculturalism: Different religions, even within Saroo’s own biological family. (Humanities)
  • Sense of Place: Using subjective elements (the feeling of place) and objective elements (such as a water tower to depict a place. (Fine and Performing Arts)
  • Memoir: How does an individual recall and tell personal experience. Memoir as a literary medium. (Communications—English and Literature)
  • History of India: The country changed from when Saroo was a boy to when Saroo was a young man. (History) 
  • And many more themes from the book, and we are open to interpretations from all walks.

Enter Your Work for Consideration for the 2018 ETC Hawkeye Magazine

For consideration to be published in the 2018 edition, please submit your work by Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

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If you do not have access to equipment to scan or photograph your work, please e-mail to coordinate a time to drop off your artwork.

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