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Science Liberal Arts Area of Interest

The Science emphasis is designed for both students who know which science field they would like to pursue and for those who want to explore what the different sciences have to offer. Students will have an opportunity to explore biology, chemistry, and physics in both a lecture and lab format to enhance learning and work

If you are interested in completing a bachelor’s degree in Science you should consider taking 12 credit hours from the courses listed below as part of your AA degree in Liberal Arts.

You may find support for this dynamic major through STEM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) such as scholarship and grant opportunities.

Career Opportunities

There is a growing need for science majors in our state and nation. Below is a sample list of career opportunities for science majors.

  • Research scientist in the areas of biology, chemistry, and physics
  • Teacher
  • Medical Doctor
  • Pharmacy
  • Environmental science/law
  • Engineering

Planning Your Class Schedule

Students should consult with an advisor in Student Services to select courses, make a transfer plan, and periodically review their progress towards their degree completion.

Students are also encouraged to contact the admissions office at the college to which they plan to transfer during their first year at Hawkeye in order to obtain specific program and transfer requirements.

Not all courses may be required for transfer to your future major.

Award: Associate of Science (AS)

As a science major, it is important to take the two-semester sequences from the same institution.

For example, if you want to major in Biology, take General Biology I and II from Hawkeye to have the best transferability to the regent institutions.

Courses and course cost calculations are subject to change.

Course Descriptions: Show All | Hide All

Biological Sciences Courses
BIO-112 General Biology I 4 $819.00
BIO-113 General Biology II 4 $819.00
BIO-168 Human Anatomy and Physiology I E 4 $817.00
BIO-173 Human Anatomy and Physiology II E 4 $849.00
BIO-186 Microbiology E 4 $816.00
CNS-121 Environmental Conservation O 3 $623.00

Physical Sciences Courses
CHM-165 General Chemistry I 4 $876.00
CHM-175 General Chemistry II 4 $949.00
CHM-260 Organic Chemistry I 3 $603.00
CHM-270 Organic Chemistry II 3 $603.00
ENV-115 Environmental Science O E 3 $603.00
ENV-116 Environmental Science Lab O 1 $216.00
GEO-131 Physical Geography O 3 $603.00
GEO-132 Physical Geography Lab 1 $201.00
PHS-152 Astronomy E 4 $804.00
PHY-162 College Physics I 4 $804.00
PHY-172 College Physics II 4 $804.00
PHY-212 Classical Physics I 5 $1005.00
PHY-222 Classical Physics II 5 $1005.00

Course Cost Calculation

Resident tuition and fees x course credits + course fee if applicable.

Course calculations are based on 2020–2021 tuition and fees and course fees.

The course cost calculation does not include:

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