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Pre-Mortuary Science Liberal Arts Emphasis

Working as a funeral director requires various skills including meeting and consoling families requiring funeral services for their loved one, business skills, and embalming skills. Mortuary science programs prepare students for careers in the funeral industry.

Mortuary science programs typically require students to complete a two-year degree (or equivalent) before starting their program. Hawkeye's Liberal Arts AA degree Pre-Mortuary Science emphasis provides the proper background to start a mortuary program.

The recommended courses below will help provide you with an appropriate background for mortuary course work, as well as some of the challenges of being a funeral director.

Career Opportunities

The following are some of the career opportunities you can pursue in Pre-Mortuary Science:

  • Funeral director
  • Mortician
  • Embalmer

Funeral Career Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information on various careers including how much growth in employment will be occurring in the field.

Explore local data on wages, employment, job postings, and more!

Planning Your Class Schedule

Students should consult with an advisor in Student Services or a faculty advisor to select courses, make a transfer plan, and periodically review their progress towards their degree completion.

Students are also encouraged to contact the admissions office at the college to which they plan to transfer during their first year at Hawkeye in order to obtain specific program and transfer requirements.

Not all courses may be required for or transfer to your future major.

Award: Associate of Arts (AA)

 Courses and course cost calculations are subject to change.

◆ General education course
► Course has a prerequisite and/or corequisite.

Course Descriptions: Show All | Hide All

Pre-Mortuary Science Transfer Courses
BIO-163 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology 4 $711.00
BUS-102 Introduction to Business * -OR- 3 $533.25
BUS-180 Business Ethics * 3 $533.25
CHM-122 Introduction to General Chemistry 4 $711.00
CSC-110 Introduction to Computers * 3 $533.25
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology 3 $533.25
REL-101 Survey of World Religions 3 $533.25
SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology 3 $533.25
SOC-135 Death and Dying 3 $533.25
SOC-205 Diversity in America 3 $533.25

* Recommended courses, but do not count towards your Liberal Arts Core requirement.

Course Cost Calculation

Resident tuition and fees x course credits + course fee if applicable.

The course cost calculation does not include:

Schooling Required to Become a State Licensed Funeral Director

To become a state licensed funeral director a student must complete one to two years of mortuary coursework in a mortuary program and then pass the National Board Exam.

A one year internship at a funeral home is required in Iowa and neighboring states.

Volunteer work at a funeral home is recommended before a student starts their mortuary program. The pre-mortuary advisor can help to arrange this service work.

Mortuary Programs in the Region

Academic Advisor

James (J.) Heim
Student Services
Hawkeye Center 208
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Faculty Mentor

Patrick Ashwood
Black Hawk Hall 108
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Student Success Specialist

Kay Wenzel
Grundy Hall 285
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Administrative Assistant

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Business

Kathy Konrardy
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Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Business

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