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History Liberal Arts Emphasis

Students studying History will acquire an essential Liberal Arts background preparing them for careers calling for skills in research, analysis, information management, writing, and speaking.

If you are interested in completing a bachelor’s degree in History you should consider taking 12 credit hours from the courses listed below as part of your AA degree in Liberal Arts.

Career Opportunities

  • College educator
  • Corporate/organization historian
  • Archivist
  • Public historian

Find employment in the following sectors:

  • Government
  • Business
  • Museums
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Education
  • Legal profession

Check out the American Historical Association for more information on history careers.

Explore local data on wages, employment, job postings, and more!

Planning Your Class Schedule

Students should consult with an advisor in Student Services or a faculty advisor to select courses, make a transfer plan, and periodically review their progress towards their degree completion.

Students are also encouraged to contact the admissions office at the college to which they plan to transfer during their first year at Hawkeye in order to obtain specific program and transfer requirements.

Not all courses may be required for or transfer to your future major.

Award: Associate of Arts (AA)

 Courses and course cost calculations are subject to change.

◆ General education course
► Course has a prerequisite and/or corequisite.

Course Descriptions: Show All | Hide All

History Courses
ART-203 Art History I -OR- 3 $533.25
ART-204 Art History II 3 $533.25
GEO-121 World Regional Geography -OR- 3 $533.25
SOC-208 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3 $533.25
HIS-117 Western Civilization I: Ancient and Medieval -OR- 3 $533.25
HIS-118 Western Civilization II: Early Modern -OR- 3 $533.25
HIS-119 Western Civilization III: The Modern Period 3 $533.25
HIS-151 U.S. History to 1877 -OR- 3 $533.25
HIS-152 U.S. History Since 1877 3 $533.25
HIS-201 Iowa History -OR- 3 $533.25
HIS-251 U.S. History 1945 to Present -OR- 3 $533.25
HIS-257 African American History -OR- 3 $533.25
HIS-277 History of Women in the U.S. 3 $533.25

Course Cost Calculation

Resident tuition and fees x course credits + course fee if applicable.

The course cost calculation does not include:

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Communications, Humanities, Education, Social Sciences, and Arts

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