Biology Liberal Arts Transfer Major

The biology transfer major will allow you to transfer to a public or private four-year college or university to earn a degree in biology. Consider biology if you are interested in research with industry or government, primary or secondary school teaching, or entering advanced degree programs for practice in health professions such as medicine, dentistry, or physical therapy.

Planning Your Class Schedule

Students should consult with an advisor in Student Services to select courses, make a transfer plan, and periodically review their progress towards their degree completion.

Students are also encouraged to contact the admissions office at the college to which they plan to transfer during their first year at Hawkeye in order to obtain specific program and transfer requirements.

Not all courses may be required for transfer to your future major.

Award: Associate of Science (AS)
Required number of credits: 62

Courses are subject to change.

Biology Transfer Courses
BIO-112 General Biology I 4
BIO-113 General Biology II 4
CHM-165 General Chemistry I 4
CHM-175 General Chemistry II 4
MAT-210 Calculus I 4
Total Credits 20

Remaining Liberal Arts Coursework
II. Humanities 3
III. Social Sciences 6
IV. Communications 9
V. Social Diversity 3
VI. Distributed Requirement 4
VII. Elective Courses 17
Total Credits 42

Admissions Requirements

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