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Liberal Arts Transfer Majors

If your goal is a four-year degree, there's no better place to start than Hawkeye. We have more than a dozen transfer majors to help you maximize your transfer credits while preparing for a career in medicine, education, science, technology, engineering, social services, and more.


Do you enjoy hands-on work?

Would you like to work outdoors?

Do you see yourself working with animals?

Do you enjoy working with soils, plants, and other living things?

Would you like to work in a field that provides nourishment to the world?

Arts and Humanities

Are you a creative person?

Do you enjoy languages and communication?

Do you like taking complex ideas and tasks and simplifying them so others can understand?

Do you get energy from being around people?

Automotive & Transportation

Do you like repairing things?

Do you like working with your hands?

Are you interested in learning how things work?

Do you enjoy driving?

Do you want a career that provides independent work?

View business programsBusiness

Would you like to know what goes on behind-the-scenes at a business?

Do you enjoy leadership roles?

Are you good at handling money and records with accuracy?

Would you like to influence, persuade, and manage?

Do you see yourself running your own business?

Construction Trades

Do you like to work with objects and things?

Would you like to work outdoors?

Do you enjoy building and creating things on a large scale?

Are you interested in what components go into building homes and buildings?


Are you interested in teaching and training?

Are you optimistic, empathetic, and caring?

Do you see yourself working with children of all ages?

Do you want to share your love of learning?

Would you like to make a difference in someone's life?

Health Science and Services

Are you interested in how the body works?

Do you see yourself in a healing role?

Do you like to work with people?

Are you able to work under pressure?

Do you like doing a variety of different tasks?

Information Technology

Do you have interest in different types of technology?

Do you enjoy troubleshooting to find solutions?

Do you like to work independently?

Are you interested in learning different types of software and hardware?

Do you have an interest in coding?

Manufacturing & Engineering

Do you enjoy hands-on learning and working?

Can you see yourself working independently but also as part of a team?

Do you enjoy fixing things?

Do you enjoy working with technical instruments, tools, and machines?

Would you like to inspect and test products or services to ensure they meet quality standards?

Science and Mathematics

Do you use mathematics and/or statistics to come up with solutions?

Do you enjoy working with numbers and figures?

Are you curious about how the natural world works?

Are you interested in scientific developments?

Social Sciences and Public Services

Do you enjoy helping people?

Would you like to solve social problems?

Are you optimistic, empathetic, and caring?

Are you interested in social, political, and ethical systems?

Do you want to enforce the law?

Do you enjoy new challenges?

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