Online Plumbing Apprenticeship

Hawkeye offers four levels of online plumbing apprenticeship curriculum approved by the Department of Labor for individuals who are sponsored by an employer or local business.

Online plumbing apprenticeship classes are designed for apprentices who are being sponsored by an employer but may work or reside 45 miles from the Cedar Falls Center making it a challenge to attend classes each week. Plumbing apprenticeship classes are also offered face-to-face.

The curriculum is self-paced and you must have access to the Internet.

For more information or to register for the Online Plumbing Apprenticeship program, contact the trade and industry coordinator.

Level 1

Date: Start anytime
Hours: 144 training hours
Cost: $925


  • Introduction to the Plumbing Profession
  • Plumbing Safety
  • Tools of the Plumbing Trade
  • Introduction to Plumbing Math
  • Introduction to Plumbing Drawings
  • Plastic Pipe and Fittings
  • Copper Pipe and Fittings
  • Cast-Iron Pipe and Fittings
  • Carbon Steel Pipe and Fittings
  • Introduction to Plumbing Fixtures
  • Introduction to Drain Waste and Vent Systems
  • Introduction to Water Distribution Systems

Level 2

Date: Start anytime
Hours: 144 training hours
Cost: $925


  • Plumbing Math Two
  • Reading Commercial Drawings
  • Structural Penetrations, Insulation, and Fire-Stopping
  • Installing and Testing DWV Piping
  • Installing Roof, Floor, and Area Drains
  • Installing and Testing Water Supply Piping
  • Types of Values
  • Installing Fixtures and Valves
  • Installing Water Heaters
  • Basic Electricity
  • Fuel Gas and Fuel Oil Systems

Level 3

Date: Start anytime
Hours: 144 training hours
Cost: $925


  • Applied Math
  • Sizing and Protecting the Water Supply System
  • Potable Water Supply Treatment
  • Types of Venting
  • Sizing DWV and Storm Systems
  • Sewage Pumps and Sump Pumps
  • Corrosive Resistant Waste Piping
  • Compressed Air
  • Service Plumbing

Level 4

Date: Start anytime
Hours: 144 training hours
Cost: $925


  • Business Principles for Plumbers
  • Introductory Skills for the Crew Leader
  • Water Pressure Booster and Recirculation Systems
  • Indirect and Special Waste
  • Hydronic and Solar Heating Systems
  • Codes
  • Servicing Piping Systems, Fixtures, and Appliances
  • Private Water Supply Well Systems
  • Private Waste Disposal Systems
  • Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs
  • Plumbing for Mobile Homes and Travel Trailers

License Renewal

A variety of face-to-face plumbing classes are available for plumbers to fulfill license requirements, brush up on skills, or learn new techniques.

Hawkeye plumbing classes are approved by the Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board to provide continuing education units for those working in plumbing, hydronic, HVAC, and refrigeration fields.  Review license renewal requirements.

View and Register for Plumbing Continuing Education Classes.

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