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Concurrent Enrollment Course List

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ACC-115 Introduction to Accounting STEM
ACC-116 Introduction to Accounting II STEM
ACC-131 Principles of Accounting I STEM
ADM-105 Introduction to Keyboarding STEM
ADM-131 Office Calculators STEM
ADM-159 Proofreading&Editing STEM
AGA-114 Principles of Agronomy ASET
AGB-330 Farm Business Management ASET
AGB-466 Agricultural Finance ASET
AGH-134 Greenhouse Production ASET
AGH-152 Landscape Design Techniques ASET
AGH-221 Principles of Horticulture ASET
AGS-113 Survey of the Animal Industry ASET
AGS-305 Livestock Evaluation ASET
ART-101 Art Appreciation CHESSA
ART-123 3-D Design CHESSA
ART-133 Drawing CHESSA
ART-143 Painting CHESSA
ART-173 Ceramics CHESSA
ART-203 Art History I CHESSA
AUT-106 Introduction to Automotive Technology ASET
AUT-109 Introduction to Automotive Technology II ASET
AUT-164 Automotive Engine Repair ASET
AUT-165 Automotive Engine Repair ASET
AUT-404 Automotive Suspension and Steering ASET
AUT-405 Automotive Suspension and Steering ASET
AUT-504 Automotive Brake Systems ASET
AUT-505 Automotive Brake Systems ASET
AUT-610 Automotive Electrical I ASET
BCA-134 Word Processing STEM
BCA-205 Database/Spreadsheets STEM
BIO-105 Introductory Biology STEM
BIO-112 General Biology I STEM
BIO-113 General Biology II STEM
BIO-151 Nutrition STEM
BIO-154 Human Biology STEM
BIO-159 Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology STEM
BIO-163 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology STEM
BIO-168 Human Anatomy and Physiology I STEM
BIO-173 Human Anatomy and Physiology II STEM
BIO-186 Microbiology STEM
BUS-102 Introduction to Business STEM
BUS-183 Business Law STEM
CIS-303 Introduction to Database STEM
CLS-130 African Cultures CHESSA
CLS-150 Latin American History & Culture CHESSA
CLS-160 East Asian Cultures CHESSA
CLS-172 Russian Civilization CHESSA
CNS-107 Outdoor Recreation Techniques ASET
CNS-110 Equipment Operation & Safety ASET
CNS-121 Environmental Conservation ASET
COM-730 Communications CHESSA
CON-102 Introduction to Residential Construction ASET
CRJ-100 Intro to Criminal Justice IHSS
CRJ-120 Introduction to Corrections IHSS
CRJ-200 Criminology IHSS
CRJ-201 Juvenile Delinquency IHSS
CRR-306 Introduction to Collision Repair ASET
CSC-110 Introduction to Computers STEM
ECE-103 Introduction to Early Childhood Education CHESSA
ECE-133 Child Health, Safety and Nutrition CHESSA
ECE-158 Early Childhood Curriculum I CHESSA
ECE-170 Child Growth and Development CHESSA
ECE-221 Infant/Toddler Care and Education CHESSA
ECE-243 Early Childhood Guidance CHESSA
ECN-110 Introduction to Economics STEM
ECN-120 Principles of Macroeconomics STEM
EDU-214 Exploring PK-12 Education CHESSA
EDU-901 Academic Service Learning Experience CHESSA
EGR-945 Special Topics in Engineering ASET
EGT-400 Introduction to Engineering Design ASET
EGT-410 PLTW - Principles of Engineering ASET
EGT-420 PLTW - Digital Electronics ASET
EGT-450 Computer Integrated Mfg. ASET
EGT-460 Civil Engineering and Architecture ASET
EGT-470 Engineering Design and Development ASET
EMS-201 Emergency Medical Technician IHSS
ENG-105 Composition I CHESSA
ENG-106 Composition II CHESSA
ENG-221 Creative Writing CHESSA
ENV-115 Environmental Science STEM
ENV-170 Photovoltaic and Hybrid Electrical Systems ASET
FLS-151 Elementary Spanish I CHESSA
FLS-241 Intermediate Spanish I CHESSA
FLS-242 Intermediate Spanish II CHESSA
GEO-121 World Regional Geography CHESSA
GRA-105 Drawing and Composition CHESSA
GRA-133 Desktop Publishing CHESSA
GRA-142 Graphic Imaging CHESSA
GRA-150 Introduction to Web Design CHESSA
GRA-196 Design and Layout I CHESSA
HCM-608 Introduction to Hospitality STEM
HIS-117 Western Civilization I: Ancient and Medieval CHESSA
HIS-118 Western Civilization II: Early Modern CHESSA
HIS-119 Western Civilization III: The Modern Period CHESSA
HIS-151 U.S. History to 1877 CHESSA
HIS-152 U.S. History Since 1877 CHESSA
HSC-108 Intro to Health Professions IHSS
HSC-113 Medical Terminology for Health Sciences IHSS
LIT-101 Introduction to Literature CHESSA
MAT-110 Math for Liberal Arts STEM
MAT-156 Statistics STEM
MAT-210 Calculus I STEM
MAT-216 Calculus II STEM
MAT-764 Math for Welders ASET
MAT-772 Applied Math STEM
MFG-122 Machine Trade Printreading I ASET
MFG-142 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing ASET
MFG-157 Intro to CNC Programming I ASET
MFG-158 Intro to CNC Programming II ASET
MFG-202 Manufacturing Processes ASET
MFG-211 Basic Machine Theory ASET
MFG-222 Machine Operations I ASET
MFG-302 CNC Fundamentals ASET
MFG-305 CNC Operations ASET
MGT-101 Principles of Management STEM
MKT-110 Principles of Marketing STEM
MKT-198 Sports Marketing STEM
MMS-103 Basic Digital Photography CHESSA
MMS-111 Video Production I CHESSA
MUS-100 Music Appreciation CHESSA
NET-109 A+ Certification Prep STEM
NET-213 CISCO Networking STEM
NET-217 CCNA Exploration Network Fundamentals STEM
NET-218 CCNA Exploration Routing Concepts STEM
NET-219 CCNA Exploration Switching and Wireless STEM
NET-220 CCNA Exploration Accessing the WAN STEM
NET-225 Routing & Switching Essentials STEM
NET-268 CCNA Rtg&Swit-Scaling Ntwrks STEM
NET-310 Virtual Machines STEM
NET-320 Advanced Server Configuration STEM
NET-346 Windows Exchange Server STEM
NET-612 Fundamental of Ntwork Security STEM
PEH-111 Personal Wellness STEM
PHI-101 Introduction to Philosophy CHESSA
PHI-105 Introduction to Ethics CHESSA
PHS-120 Exploring Physical Science STEM
PHY-162 College Physics I STEM
PHY-172 College Physics II STEM
PNN-100 Nursing Assistant IHSS
PNN-ORNT Nurse Aide Orientation IHSS
POL-111 American National Government CHESSA
POL-121 International Relations CHESSA
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology CHESSA
PSY-121 Developmental Psychology CHESSA
PSY-261 Human Sexuality CHESSA
PSY-262 Psychology of Gender CHESSA
REL-101 Survey of World Religions CHESSA
SDV-108 The College Experience SDV
SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology CHESSA
SOC-115 Social Problems CHESSA
SOC-120 Marriage and Family CHESSA
SOC-135 Death & Dying CHESSA
SOC-205 Diversity in America CHESSA
SPC-101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication CHESSA
WDV-102 Introduction to Web Development STEM
WEL-104 Introduction to MIG Welding ASET
WEL-111 Welding Blueprint Reading ASET
WEL-134 Cutting Processes ASET
WEL-228 Intro to Welding Safety ASET
WEL-233 Print Read SYM Intersense 1 ASET
WEL-234 Introduction to GMAW II ASET
WEL-245 GMAW Spray Transfer- SENSE 1 ASET
WST-101 Women's Studies CHESSA

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