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The Work-Study program is a federally funded program that provides part-time employment, primarily on campus, for students who show financial need.

Awards generally range from $2,000–$3,000 per academic year. The Work-Study pay rate is $9.75 per hour.

Your work-study funds will be disbursed only when you work the agreed upon hours, usually 8–10 hours per week, and you can earn only what you have been awarded.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility depends upon the need for employment to defray educational expenses, with preference given to those with the highest financial need. Students must also meet general financial aid eligibility requirements.

Once you've been awarded work-study funds, you must maintain your eligibility so you can keep your work-study position to continue earning your awarded funds.

To maintain your eligibility you must be:

  1. Enrolled at least half-time. If you drop below half-time enrollment at any time during the fall or spring semesters and continue to work, you will not be paid for those hours by the Financial Aid office. No exceptions.

  2. Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.

  3. Registered for classes. To work between semesters, you must be registered at least half-time for classes for the next semester.

Applying for Work-Study

  1. Complete a FAFSA. The outcome of your FAFSA determines if you are eligible for work-study funds.

  2. Complete the 2021–2022 Work-Study Offer Request form [pdf].

You will need to apply for Work-Study each academic year.

To keep your current work-study position for the next school year, you must secure your position with your supervisor before leaving for summer break.

Work-Study Award Notification

The Financial Aid office emails work-study award notification separate from the regular financial aid award email notification sent to you with your grant and loan eligibilities. The award amount listed on the email is the maximum amount you can earn in that given school year.

There is no guarantee of employment or that you will earn the amount awarded to you.

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