Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement

The Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment is a tool to help you understand how your loans will affect your financial future. If this is your first time accepting a federal student loan, you will be acknowledging that you understand your responsibility to repay your loan. If you have existing federal student loans, you will be acknowledging that you understand how much you owe and how much more you can borrow.

Completing the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment will help to:

  • Make informed choices by showing students (and parents) how much they owe in Federal debt before agreeing to borrow more money to pay for their higher education.
  • Know the borrower’s obligations by calculating the monthly payments and the median salary that students can expect to receive after graduating from a specific program.
  • Understand the balance for repayment by breaking down basic loan concepts such as interest accrual and capitalization and the difference between private and Federal loans.

While this is not a requirement for the 2021–2022 academic year, we highly recommend that you complete the online Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement for your benefit.

Starting with the 2022–2023 academic year, all borrowers, students and parents, of Federal Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and PLUS loans will be required to complete the Informed Borrowing Confirmation process once each award year before their new loan(s) will disburse.

Completing the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement

To complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement, go to Federal Student Aid: Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement and click the “Log In to Start” button. You will need your FSA ID to login.

Completed Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement data is submitted to the Department of Education for processing. This information will then be sent to Hawkeye when the college originates new loans for the student starting in July.

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