Faculty Development

We support all Hawkeye faculty, from the aspiring to the retiring, in developing talents and skills for designing and delivering instruction that is consistent with our commitment to excellence in teaching for learning.

No matter what your choices or path in professional development, enjoy the process of learning. It is both fun and rewarding.

Courses and Workshops

We offer workshops and courses covering a variety of topics, including, but not limited to, assessment, online learning strategies, Canvas features and tools, student learning, and video.

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Faculty Induction and Mentoring

New faculty come to us with the desire to be the best teacher they can be. We are committed to supplementing their desire with the skill and tools it takes to become the successful teacher they envision. The two-year induction and mentoring program for new full-time faculty provides a welcoming and supportive climate and teaches and models research-based instructional practices. New faculty members are mentored by a faculty member of another discipline who has taught at Hawkeye for at least three years.

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Professional Learning Communities

Professional learning communities are made up of small groups of faculty to create new understandings through the study and application of research-based practices in their classroom to improve professional practice and how students learn. Faculty can focus their efforts in an area of unique or strong interest. With successful completion, faculty can apply the work toward their Quality Faculty Plan.

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Teaching Squares

Teaching squares provide faculty the opportunity to observe their colleagues in the classroom and reflect on how they could improve their own instruction.  Upon completion of each observation, participants will reflect on their takeaways and discuss these with their groups at an All Squares gathering at the end of the semester.  Following successful completion of the Teaching Square, each member will earn a certificate from the Brobst Center for his or her Quality Faculty Plan.  

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Teaching Portfolios

A teaching portfolio is an invaluable tool for on-going professional self-development that tells your unique story. Your story begins with your philosophy of teaching, provides your goals for improving your teaching, and evidences the results of such intentions.

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