President Award Nomination

President's Award nominations are now being accepted for full-time and part-time employees, initiatives, and programs based on calendar year 2020.

Nomination deadline: Thursday, February 25, 2021. You will have access to edit the nomination form up until the nomination deadline.

If you have started a nomination, copy these search terms into your email search for a direct link to your nomination: from:( subject:(President's Award Nomination)

All fields marked with * are required.


Nomination for Calendar Year 2020

Letters of Support

Three one-page letters of support are required to complete the nomination. These letters may come from staff, students, or members of the community/profession.

An email will be sent to each person listed below with directions on how to submit their letter of support when the nomination form is complete and has been submitted. Please contact each person you are requesting a letter of support from before listing them below.

The person(s) submitting the Nomination Form may not write a letter of support.

An individual may write in support of no more than one nomination for each award.

Letter of Support Request #1

Letter of Support Request #2

Letter of Support Request #3

You will see a confirmation screen once your nomination has gone through. If you do not see a confirmation screen, scroll up and complete missing required information.

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