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All Hawkeye Community College buildings are closed. Faculty and staff are working remotely and can be reached via email or phone.

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See the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information web page for more information. Last updated: Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

Bicycles and Other Recreational Equipment

  1. Bicycles may be ridden on streets and parking lots within the Hawkeye Community College campus property. Bicycles will be operated in the same manner as motorized vehicles, traveling with, not against, traffic and obeying all applicable rules of the road. Pedestrians shall be given the right-of-way at all times. Bicycles will not be ridden in the courtyard area of the campus. Exceptions may be approved by the Director of Public Safety or designee for official Hawkeye Community College-sponsored programs.

  2. Bicycles shall be parked only in bicycle racks provided by the College. Bicycles shall not be parked on the lawn or sidewalks, or chained to trees, light poles, fences, benches, etc. Bicycles improperly parked may be impounded by cutting/removing locking devices, if necessary. Bicycles that are considered abandoned will be removed by cutting/removing locking devices, if necessary, and impounded.

  3. The College is not responsible for damage to locking devices or bicycles nor the theft of bicycles while on campus.

  4. Skateboarding, hover boarding, rollerblading, roller skating, bicycle stunt riding or similar activities are prohibited in/on all Hawkeye Community College buildings/grounds, including roads, drives, parking lots and sidewalks. Exceptions may be approved by the Director of Public Safety or designee for official Hawkeye Community College sponsored programs.


Contact Public Safety to recover impounded property for violations of sections 2 or 4 of this policy.

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