1. Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station and call 911, if possible, to report the location and, if possible, the cause of the fire.

  2. Call Public Safety at 319-296-4234 to report the fire.

  3. EVERYONE MUST LEAVE IMMEDIATELY when a fire alarm is activated, even if there are no obvious signs of an emergency.

  4. If building is filled with smoke, stay low to the ground and crawl to the nearest exit.

  5. Feel the doors before opening. If it is hot, do not open the door. If it is cool, open it slightly, and if heat or heavy smoke are present, close the door and stay in the room.

    If you get trapped:

    • Keep the doors closed. Seal cracks and vents if smoke comes in.

    • If you’re trapped in a room and there is no smoke outside the building, making sure all doors are closed, open the windows from the top to let out heat and smoke; and from the bottom to let in fresh air.

    • Signal for help. Hang an object at the window (a back pack, jacket, shirt) to attract the fire department’s attention.

    • Call 911 and report that you are trapped. Give your exact location to include your room number and floor level.

  6. Confine the fire by closing all doors and windows, if possible.

  7. Do NOT use the elevator.

  8. Remain calm and assist others in safely getting out.

  9. Extinguish the fire if you have been trained and it is safe to do so.

  10. Evacuate the building to your designated safe location away from the structure.

  11. Follow directions given by emergency personnel.

  12. Do not re-enter until authorized to do so.

If You Are On Fire—Stop, Drop, and Roll

Rolling smothers the fire.

Cover your face with your hands to protect face and lungs.

To cool burns, run cool (not cold) water over burns, immediately, for five to ten minutes. Don’t use ointments. Notify medical personnel immediately.

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