Safety and Injury Reporting

Employee Report of Injury

Hawkeye Community College is committed to maintaining a Safe work environment for faculty, staff, and visitors.

Employees who are injured on the job should report all injuries to their supervisor, no matter how minor the injury may be. The supervisor will contact Public Safety and complete the Employee Report of Injury Form [pdf] to be submitted within 24 hours to

If the injury is serious, and you need transportation to the hospital, call 911 for an ambulance then call 319-296-4234 for Public Safety.

Unity Point/Allen Occupational Health Services is the designated provider for Hawkeye Community College. Occupational Health should be notified that the claim is for a work injury and will be paid by Hawkeye Community College, not the staff member's health insurance carrier.

Approved Sites


Occupational Health Services Allen Memorial Hospital
1825 Logan Avenue, Waterloo.

Cedar Falls

Allen Occupational Health Services
7024 Nordic Drive
Cedar Falls IA

Both clinic hours: Monday–Friday 7:00am–5:30pm.

After hours, the injured employee should go to Allen Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, 1825 Logan Avenue, Waterloo.

It is the responsibility of our insurance carrier to determine the extent of Hawkeye’s liability and to handle the claim accordingly. Do not give any statements to any individual or insurance company, other than those representing PDCM Insurance.

Public Safety

Hawkeye Center 216
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Reporting Injuries

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