Cody Chesmore

Academic/College Success Advisor, Student Services

Main Campus
Black Hawk

319-296-2320 ext. 1223

Program Areas

Cody is the Student Success Specialist for students in the following programs:

Agriculture and Natural Resources programs

Arts programs

About Cody

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities” — J.K Rowling

Life is all about choices, and I chose to never make any. As a student in high school, I never had any idea what I wanted to do. My father was a police officer and, when I enrolled at UNI, I completed a bachelor’s program in Criminology and Psychology. However, after several applications and interviews, felt that the world of law enforcement was not for me. I moved to several different states, spending a little time in each, ranging anywhere from six months to a year, working various odd jobs. I lived in Florida, Tennessee, and Ohio, before finally returning to Iowa to pursue a master’s degree in English. Returning to school gave me direction I felt I had sorely missed and helped me realize the power of my choices. My experiences in my Master’s program are what brought me to Hawkeye Community College, where I hope to help students find their own direction, whether it is through an academic discipline or personal passion.

I’ve experienced hardships in school. I’ve had teachers tell me that I would never be a good writer, so I earned a degree in English. I’ve had teachers tell me that I’d never be a successful student, so I completed a master’s program. These people made me to feel I had no choice, when I did. I want people that have experienced what I’ve experienced to know that they can succeed and that everyone has a choice to do so.

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