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Facility Safety Measures

The Health Education and Services Center is taking extra precautions to help our patrons and staff stay safe and healthy.

  • Face masks are required to be worn upon entering the building. One will be provided, if needed.

  • Face masks are required to be worn in the weight room or group fitness room. Social distancing and enhanced cleaning will be enforced.

  • To assist with the flow of the building, no groups should be gathering around the front desk area, or anywhere in the facility.

  • Patrons will be asked to follow signs and floor decals located throughout the facility to ensure the safety of all.

  • Signage has been placed between equipment and within workout areas to allow for appropriate social distancing.

  • Outside tables will accommodate a maximum of four patrons per table, signs are placed.

  • Staff will be constantly monitoring and cleaning machines, equipment, and computer stations.

Each of us will play an important role in making the facility a safe experience for everyone.

Computer Waiver Stations

A student entering the building for the first time will need to sign a Health Education and Services Center waiver. We have four computer stations set up for the waivers.

Students will rotate stations as follows:

  • Students can use stations one and three at the same time. While stations one and three are being cleaned, students can use stations two and four at the same time.
  • Computer stations will be cleaned after each use and hourly throughout the day.

ID Scanning

The Biometric finger scan will not be utilized this year for your safety.

Students, faculty, and staff need to bring their Hawkeye ID daily to gain entrance to the facility.

In the event a patron forgets their ID, there will be a sign in sheet at the front desk and the coordinator will look up your ID to ensure you're an active student.

Upstairs Computers/Loft Area

The upstairs loft area will be shut down completely to ensure the practice of social distancing and eliminate large group gatherings. A computer with printer access has been moved to the main level for student use. The computer will be cleaned after every use.


There will be no traditional intramurals for fall semester.

Gym Floor Recreation

Students will be able to use the gym floor for recreation with some precautions:

  • A maximum of two students per basketball net, no pick up games or live play, and no more than six people on the court for recreation usage.

  • Staff will be cleaning the equipment after each usage.

  • Half of the gym will be used for recreation. The other half will be utilized for athletics.

Track usage

For the general population, there will be no more than 25 patrons walking on the track at a time.

Face masks are required when walking.

Individuals must stay 6 feet apart.

The inside lanes on the track will be utilized for walking only.

The outside lanes will be utilized for jogging only. Sprinting is not allowed on the track.

Weight Room

The weight room will be monitored by a work-study student between the hours of 3:00–7:00pm to enforce the following weight room policies. Health Education and Services Center staff will be monitoring the weight room cameras and enforcing the policies when a work-study student is not stationed in the weight room.

A maximum of 15 patrons are allowed in the weight room. If more than 15 patrons arrive to use the weight room, patrons will be limited to 45 minutes in the weight room.

Patrons are expected to clean equipment after each use. Patrons will receive a cleaning hand towel when entering the weight room and spray sanitizer bottles have been placed around the weight room to ensure proper cleaning. The cleaning hand towel should be placed in the laundry bin next to the weight room door when leaving the room. Signs have been placed around the room to enforce the cleaning of equipment before and after each use.

Health Education and Recreation Center staff or the work-study student monitoring the weight room will also be cleaning the equipment every hour.

Machines will not be usable for 5–10 minutes after cleaning to allow the cleaning product to dry.

Equipment will be either spaced out in a 6 feet fashion or blocked off to maintain distancing. Signs have been placed on equipment reminding patrons to social distance, “If there is someone to the left or right of you, then do not use this machine”

Treadmill usage will be monitored to ensure proper rotations are being complied to keep distance. This will be based on the amount of users accessing the facility.

The floor will be cleaned every night with the scrubber machine.

Group Fitness

There will be no more than 10 people per group fitness session.

Patrons utilizing the Group Fitness room will receive a cleaning hand towel to use when entering the room. This towel should be placed in the laundry bin next to the weight room door when leaving.

We will be utilizing the gym floor more to ensure additional social distancing.

When using bikes, they will need to be pulled out and spaced 6 feet apart.

Equipment will be sanitized after each use and every hour.

The 15-minute MOVEment session that is based in the Hawkeye Center and the Kickboxing sessions are cancelled until further notice.

Outdoor Fit Ground

Masks are required when using the Outdoor Fit Ground.

There should be no more than four people using the Outdoor Fit Ground at a time.

The Outdoor Fit Ground will be monitored via cameras by the Health Education and Services Center staff.

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If campus is closed, the Health Education Services Center is also closed. This includes weather-related closings. See the Academic Calendar for scheduled college closings.

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