COVID-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 dashboard is a source of information to provide details about the current conditions at Hawkeye Community College.

Information is self-reported via our COVID-19 Reporting Form and collected by the Student Health Clinic and Human Resource Services.

Data is updated weekly.

Self-Reported COVID-19 Positive and Presumed Positive

The following chart reports numbers of those who self-reported on the COVID-19 Reporting Form as testing COVID-19 positive or have been deemed presumed positive.

Date New Cases
Percent of
New Cases
Percent of
October 12 – 18 10 0.27% 4 0.54% 14
October 5 – 11 12 0.32% 2 0.27% 14
September 28 – October 4 5 0.13% 1 0.13% 6
September 21 – 27 10 0.27% 1 0.13% 11
September 14 – 20 21 0.57% 1 0.13% 22
September 7 – 13 16 0.43% 1 0.13% 17
August 31 – September 6 18 0.49% 2 0.27% 20
August 24 – 30 21 0.57% 4 0.54% 25
TOTAL 113 16 129

Local Data

Black Hawk County Public Health COVID-19 Response and County Status: The Black Hawk County Health Department publishes information about the number of cases and information about our current situation.

COVID-19 in Iowa, Positive Case Analysis: The State of Iowa's detailed dashboard that tracks cases in the state and at the county level

Data Notes

  • All data collected is self-reported or in coordination with Black Hawk County Health Department. Specific information is kept confidential, however any potential direct contacts will be contacted by Hawkeye and possibly also by Public Health. Communication to faculty and colleagues about individuals not able to be on campus will be made as appropriate and as quickly as possible.

  • All students enrolled in a credit class, a short-term training program, or an adult education program that meets on campus or at another Hawkeye location are counted in our student population. Student population does not include high school concurrent enrollment. As of Friday, September 4 the student population was 3,655.

  • All full-time and part-time staff, faculty, and adjuncts, teaching or working on campus or at another Hawkeye location, are counted in our employee number. As of Friday, September 4 the number of employees was 729.

  • COVID-19 tests were administered by a healthcare provider, testing site, or other medical facility.

Report COVID-19 Direct Exposure or Contraction

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