Enhanced Cleaning and Environmental Controls

Hawkeye will implement enhanced cleaning at all campus locations.

Employees and students will clean their personal work spaces before and after use with provided cleaning supplies.

Employees and students will clean equipment at the beginning and at the end of lab sessions.

High-touch areas in meeting or conference rooms should be cleaned after each use by the group using the room.

Each department or office area will clean their work areas including copiers, computer keyboards, phones, etc. Computers and other equipment can also be cleaned by quarantining for 72 hours.

Hand sanitizer, cleaning sprays, wipes, and gloves are available for individual offices and classrooms through central supply.

Cleaning sprays are most effective when left on surfaces for 10 minutes before wiping off or leaving to air dry. Wipes are effective as soon as the surface dries.

Refillable containers for hand sanitizer continue to be unavailable due to the high demand and employees should save hand sanitizer containers to be refilled.

Classrooms and common areas that are utilized will be cleaned by facilities.

Environment and Air Quality

The heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems in Hawkeye’s buildings vary in age and type of system. The facilities department has made modifications to air filters and operation schedules to improve fresh air flow and increase air purification in college buildings.

Pandemic Response Team

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