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Mentalist Chris Carter LIVE!


Tuesday, October 13, 2020



Student Activities
Mentalist Chris Carter LIVE!

Join us for this LIVE virtual performance from Mentalist Chris Carter! During his show, Chris will have coins placed upon his eyes, which are then duct-taped shut; He will then describe objects that are held up by audience members, even duplicating signatures and correctly identifying the serial number on currency that is safely hidden in an audience member’s pocket or purse. He can even cause light bulbs to light up in audience members’ hands without ever touching them! Christopher Carter will astound audience members with personal facts that they have never before revealed — to anyone as well as make them believe that they are experiencing touches and taps from invisible hands.

Join students from community colleges across Iowa for this online event, and keep checking the Hawkeye Facebook page for more FREE virtual events for students this semester! Contact Student Activities at 319-296-4027 or with any questions!

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