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Making Campus Safe for LGBTQ+ Students Follow-Up Panel


Wednesday, April 07, 2021



Making Campus Safe for LGBTQ+ Students Follow-Up Panel

Please join some of Hawkeye’s LGBTQ+ students in a panel discussion as they share their lived experiences being LGBTQ+ at Hawkeye Community College. This discussion is aimed at being a follow-up to the Safe Colleges Making Campus Safe for LGBTQ+ Students training recently assigned to faculty and staff. Students will share their experiences with time set aside for questions at the end.

We want this to be as safe a space as possible for the students that are graciously sharing their experiences, some of which may be very vulnerable or painful moments for them, so we ask all participants to come into this with open ears, minds, and hearts.

If anyone would like to discuss any feelings that arise either in anticipation to or as a result of this event, please feel free to contact Megan Blackford, LGBTA Club advisor, or make use of the mental health services provided here at Hawkeye.

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