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Impressionist Justin Rupple


Monday, August 29, 2022


Main Campus—Brock Student Center

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Impressionist Justin Rupple

Do you have a favorite famous person? Justin Rupple will impersonate them! Stop by the Brock Student Center to listen and laugh while enjoying free Jimmy Johns for lunch! No two shows are ever the same as students get to pick their own characters and topics making each show a unique choose-your-own-adventure comedy experience!

About Justin Rupple

It has taken 13 years of hard work, countless failures and unwavering dedication, but Justin Rupple has made a name for himself in the comedy world.

Raised in a small town in Washington state, Justin worked as a host at one of the nation's biggest comedy clubs in Seattle, day-in day-out for two years. He did over 2,000 shows.

He moved to Hollywood where multiple side jobs barely supported him as he made it into the CBS Comedy River Showcase.

His break came when he was cast alongside Liam Neeson in the Worldwide blockbuster “Operation Chromite”.

From there the work continued to pay off as Justin WON Dana Carvey’s “First Impressions” TV show competition on the USA Network. He has appeared in the films Spider-Man: Homecoming and Fast, on TV shows like Doc McStuffins and Scorpion on CBS, is the voice of Tuffnut Thornston in "How to Train Your Dragon 3, and was on America's Got Talent on June 21, 2022 where he received four thumbs up from four judges.

His first love though is stand-up comedy. He has a passion for performing at schools of all levels for its college where he discovered his desire to perform comedy. Students get to pick their own characters and topics making each show a unique comedy experience!


Email Student Activities or call 319-296-4027.


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