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Coffee & Conversations: Why Detangling Race from Ethnicity is Difficult for some in the Hispanic/Latino Community


Wednesday, October 05, 2022


Main Campus—Hawkeye Center Unity and Understanding Center, 202

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Coffee and Conversations

Join us for coffee and conversations where we discuss important matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This will be a safe place for the exploration and discussion of difficult topics, centered around race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, cultural inequality, and social justice to name a few.

Hawkeye students, faculty, and staff will also have a chance to:

  • Listen, learn, and connect with others.
  • Exchange ideas about current topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Share stories and experiences.
  • Enjoy coffee and other complimentary snacks.

This Month's Topic: Why Detangling Race from Ethnicity is Difficult for some in the Hispanic/Latino Community

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, join us for a discussion on the complexities of racial and ethnic identity among Hispanic- and Latino/a/x communities in America.

Racial and ethnic categories are social constructs. Although race and ethnicity are used interchangeably, they have different meanings. For example, ethnicity refers to the array of values, cultural norms, and behaviors the different subgroups share. In contrast, race represents categorization of individuals on the basis of skin color, both by self-identification and by the eye of the beholder. Others categorize based on language and nativity status (US vs foreign-born). Thus, given the diversity of Hispanic- and Latin-Americans, individuals can identify based on their own perception and reinforced by society.


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