Free Webinar: Bring Back Common Sense


Wednesday, November 18, 2020



Free Webinar: Bring Back Common Sense

Intelligence and common sense are two different things. We all know someone who is very "book-smart", or someone who excels academically, but they suffer from "street-smarts, or the practical knowledge on how the world operates. Making high quality decisions from a foundation of understood impact, analyzed experience, and objective reality is a function of the reflective mind in each individual, every colleague. It can be cultivated through a leader or mentor’s behavior and interactions with individual team members, and demonstrated in team meetings. We will discuss and practice tactics to evaluate where your people are when making judgement calls (or not making them), to provoke their interest in methods that will improve their performance in decision-making, and to develop their reflective habits, particularly at work. Come and learn how you can bring back common sense.

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