Investigating Your Square Patch of Earth


Saturday, April 08, 2023


Cedar Falls Center 112

Map and Directions

This course digs deep into a single natural landscape of significance to you. You might choose to investigate the woods near your home where you walk each day, a long-ago lake or coastal place from childhood, or somewhere you've never been but fascinates because of its profound or precarious ecological position. You'll spend three hours meditating on this place and digging into why its colors, textures, and scents deserve close observation and consideration. This is your opportunity to peel back the layers-of personal observation, embodied memory, and the acquired knowledge of wildly varied (and sometimes imperiled) flora and fauna-that make our hearts wild for wild places. The instructors will lead you through a series of writing prompts that serve as launch pads for your imagination and heart-felt connections to place. Brought to you by the minds behind the EarthWhispers Abbey, Sue Schuerman and Felicia Babb Cass.  

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