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How to Motivate Employees During Difficult Times


Wednesday, September 02, 2020



How to Motivate Employees During Difficult Times

Because of the pandemic, businesses are facing an extremely uncertain times, tackling unique challenges every day – challenges that were not anticipated by many of us. Employees, too, have many new stressors and anxieties on their minds, whether that’s their family and friends’ health, their job security, or perhaps having to home-school and look after their children, all whilst working full time from home. These challenges impact the motivation level of many.  As a leader, it’s imperative for you to help your teams adapt to the current situation, putting a clear action plan in place to help drive motivation and engagement. In this webinar, we will share tips and strategies to keep people engaged.  We will focus the 3 main motivators and how to include those opportunities for employees.  We will also highlight the best ways to create a culture of intrinsic motivators vs rewards/punishments model.

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