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Critical Care Paramedic Provider


Tuesday, June 02, 2020


Main Campus—Health Education and Services Center 214

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This course will provide the education required to earn the Iowa Critical Care Paramedic endorsement. Participants must meet specific criteria to be eligible for enrollment. This course is designed to prepare paramedics to provide advanced critical care during inter-facility transports, including performing advanced clinical patient assessments and providing invasive care beyond the standard scope of advanced pre-hospital care. Includes modes of transport, flight physiology, barophysiology and transfer considerations, including safety, patient packaging and practice in a closely confined space, airway and ventilation management including surgical airways and ventilators, CPAP and BiPAP, thoracostomy, and chest drainage maintenance, central venous lines, umbilical vein cannulation, expanded pharmacologic formulary, interpretation of laboratory data, 12-lead ECG interpretation, monitoring and maintaining and IABP, and hemodynamic monitoring. Instruction is provided in both didactic and clinical settings. Participants who successfully complete this course will be recommended to the Iowa Bureau of EMS for Critical Care Endorsement. Successful completion of this course requires completion of 24 clinical hours in the Intensive Care Deptartment. In order to do clinical you will be required to complete a Background check and drug screen. Background checks and Drug Screens will done on the first day of class. This is included in the cost of the course. To help with this course suggested book to purchase is "Critical Care Transport" ISBN: 9781284040999

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