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Cedar Valley Manufacturing Conference


Wednesday, October 06, 2021


Van G. Miller Adult Learning Center

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Cedar Valley Manufacturing Conference

Manufacturing 4.0: Connecting the Unconnected

This year's Manufacturing Conference will educate and inspire manufacturers in all industries on why the adoption of Industry 4.0 is essential to their future success. But first, what is Industry 4.0 anyway?

The Industrial Revolution began when machines replaced hand working, followed by electrical power that increased mass production. The next installment integrated computers and the Internet into the production processes. This last expansion -- Industry 4.0 – is a chain of events, or interconnectedness, that allow for machines to sense something, collect information, interpret data, make decisions and trigger actions, all without any human interface. Attend this year’s Manufacturing Conference, and learn how to up your Industry 4.0 game and connect the unconnected in your manufacturing processes.


7:45–8:00am – Check-in

8:00am – Welcome

8:15am – Keynote Presenter – Matthew Lamons, The Intelligence Factory

Lamons is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Intelligence Factory - a company built to draw together the best and brightest minds in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Data Science, Autonomous Systems, and Edge Computing to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Intelligence Factory delivers digital convergence, digital transformation, and reimagined customer experiences by advancing hyper-flexible business models powered by custom Enterprise Digital Twin Technologies. The company also develops and deploys intelligent tools designed for high-demand environments, providing practical insights and predictive analysis.

9:15am – Cybersecurity – Jesse Farris, VGM

It seems you can’t turn the news on without hearing about cybercrimes from attacks to instances where a ransom is demanded. Cybersecurity Ventures estimated that in 2021 the global financial impact for these breaches could run up to $6 Trillion. Today’s discussion will target the benefits of integrating cyber measures at your business.

9:45am – Break

10:00am – State of Manufacturing in Iowa

The “Seizing the Manufacturing 4.0 Opportunity: A Strategic Plan For Iowa’s Manufacturing Industry” report by TEConomy was released in January 2021. Director Durham will share her thoughts about the study and the impact she anticipates will occur in Iowa.

11:00am – IoT and Cloud Computing – Karl Schmidt, Van Meter

Internet of Things: OnPremise vs Cloud Connectivity

11:45am – Recognition Awards

Factory of the Future: Recognize transformation of a workplace through workplace connectedness initiatives.

Workforce of the Future: Recognize training programs for an existing workforce to prepare for the future and/or examples of innovative onboarding to prepare new hires for the same.

Visionary of the Future: Recognize an industry leader for support of innovative solutions promoting 4.0 influence.

12:00pm – Food Truck/Vendor Spotlight: Mid-West 3D Solutions

1:00pm – Manufacturing 4.0 Investment Program

Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) has been busy this year creating pathways for businesses to learn more about Manufacturing 4.0, if you haven’t heard about the variety of support options they have- this is a must see!

1:45pm – Other Resources

This brief presentation will guide you on who to connect to and why when seeking to invest in equipment and your workforce, what additional grant funds are available, and how the Corporate and Business Solutions team at Hawkeye Community College can help.

2:00pm – Robotics System Integration

This business spotlight is on Kryton Engineered Metals on how they stepped into cobots for production, where they see themselves in five years and how cobots have impacted their workforce.

2:30 – Data Analytics – Analyzing Big Data and reports 

Smart Factories use big data to improve processes and create efficiencies and it can be used to forecast demand and maximize output. Big data has been coined as the ‘core’ of 4.0 because having access to data and knowing how to filter and interpret it, will lead to making good decisions at your business. 

3:00pm – Closing


Register online for the Cedar Valley Manufacturing Conference. Call 319-296-4223 with questions.


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