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The Flow, Tatiana Ivaschenko Jackson Artist Reception


Thursday, October 27, 2022


Van G. Miller Adult Learning Center Art Gallery

Map and Directions

Fall Gallery Day: 9:00am November 10, 2022
Exhibit Open: October 18 – December 9, 2022

"For an artist Life provides multitude of inspirations.
I never struggled with an idea What to paint.
My dilemma was and still is to find time to do it —
to paint what I love.
I love my children, my garden, nature and its change of seasons,
friends and many times —
total strangers — who agreed to pose for a portrait.
To paint from life is a pure pleasure.
It’s like playing your own variation of a familiar favorite tune.
It is effortless and enjoyable.
I love to loose myself in “The painting Flow”,
when time stops,
and the process of recreating the significant moment in life
that strikes you perfect
becomes more important than the final result.
This Flow always guarantees great outcome.
Here I can apply the concept of “Letting it go” which is echoing
the religious one:
Complete Trust in God.
It is in this mystical experience of ‘Letting go’
we become truly Free."


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