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2018 Instructor Showcase


Thursday, August 23, 2018


Main Campus—Buchanan Hall 104

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Hawkeye Corporate and Business Solutions is hosting its second annual Instructor Showcase. This is an opportunity for you to experience free mini-training sessions from some fresh, new instructors to the Cedar Valley. Training topics are varied – there's something for everyone! 

You will also learn about hot, new training and other services Hawkeye can offer to make your business run more effectively and efficiently.

Join us after the presentations for lunch and the opportunity to network with the instructors and other business professionals.


Seats are limited to this FREE event. Two people per business or organization.

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Lisa Schaefer

Creating a Culture that S.H.I.N.E.S.

Are you competitive? Do you prefer collaboration? Do you enjoy innovating? What's your company culture? Every business, educational system, and organization has its own culture that impacts employees work and personal lives. Organizational culture refers to the beliefs, ideologies, principles and values that the individuals of an organization share. However, culture can be difficult to measure. In this session, learn about the Organizational Cultural Assessment Instrument to help measure the current culture as well as the preferred culture.   

Lisa Schaefer is an expert in customer service success strategies, behavioral coaching, organizational psychology, and has served as a professor, staff development professional, and counselor. Her experiences involve more than 15 years of education, corporate training (i.e. Walt Disney World), and executive coaching experience.

Her goal is to help participants have fun while learning why we do the things we do. Her biggest passion is asking questions to learn as much as she can from others. Lisa loves to make people laugh and believes if everyone just smiled more, the world would be a better place.

Jim Flack

Excel Tables - Under-Used, Yet Provide Powerful Data with a Few Clicks

Data Tables and Pivot Tables are considered an advanced topic that many people never explore!  Why, because they think it is too hard to use. Instead of taking advantage of the built-in power of tables they write difficult formulas to summarize the data instead.

Actually, it takes under one minute to create a standard table and it is not difficult at all. Once you create the initial table, there are easy to use options that allow you to further customize the data and dig deeper into the results. After you learn how to use tables, you can apply them to all (small or large) spreadsheets.

Jim Flack has more than 40 years of data processing and sales experience, 25 of those have been with ASI Computer Systems. Jim understands business process needs and has the ability to implement technology solutions. Jim graduated from the University of Northern Iowa.

Sandra Flikkema

The Talent Retention Puzzle: Solving Problems & Finding Answers

Hangman is a children’s puzzle that simply tries to avoid the bad, not a great strategy for business! Two popular methods used by more prepared aficionados of word and number puzzles: elimination and possibility. In business, we all have a part to play in retention. Come for an intro to proactive puzzle solving on intentionally removing the unworkable pieces that block your team member’s growth and job satisfaction; and putting in new options, revealing the answers and leading to retention.

Sandra Flikkema delivers a unique combination of experience and expertise in business, relationship and career management skills to help people and organizations make strategic changes to improve communication, teamwork, and manage change. She has a master’s degree in organizational communication and is a knowledgeable and trusted advisor to help client’s reach optimal performance and success.

Suzanne Offner

The New Marketing: How to Do Good & Serve Your Community with Your Marketing Programs

If price and quality are equal, 90% of purchasers will choose the company that is doing good in the world. Taking it to the next level, your marketing can become a center of community goodwill IF you understand how to generate content that serves your clients (as much as it serves you).

  • Learn how your company can create content that generates business AND goodwill.
  • Learn how to simplify the process so it doesn’t overwhelm your team or your resources.
  • Understand why this is shaping the face of today’s marketplace.

Suzanne Offner is a certified online business manager, certified master coach, certified lead trainer and inspiring speaker.

With 13 years of experience creating marketing systems and delivering results in the world of small business, as well as managing 6-figure businesses, she has a firm understanding in the fundamentals that make a business work. Additionally, her work in corporate training and IT sales built a firm understanding of the power of technology and how to produce results. 

Her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy gives her a professional background in helping entrepreneurs with the many relationship and interpersonal aspects that can deeply impact business success. Her most important goal is to help you create the successful business you love that fits your lifestyle, gifts, passion and purpose.

Joel Bennett

Frontline Leadership

On the frontline you need leaders who can teach, coach and enable teams to perform safely and efficiently. Yet there is often a forgotten group of team members who are expected to lead without the formal title or authority of a manager. These working coordinators are the primary on-the-job trainers and coaches who are indispensable to a team’s success. Unfortunately, they are rarely equipped with the basics to lead others effectively. This is the essential leadership course for those who are tasked with getting things done through others with little or no formal authority.

Joel Bennett has more than 20 years of human resource experience and excels at building organizational capacity by providing customized consulting, training, and coaching services to growth focused businesses. His expertise in leadership and organizational development, performance management, and recruiting allow him to assist leaders in tackling challenging personnel and organizational issues. Joel has worked with clients in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, service, education, and healthcare.

Joel graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Geography, and a Master's in Organization Management from the University of Phoenix.  He is also a certified practitioner of the DISC assessment and an Actionable Consulting Partner for the Actionable Conversations line of leadership development tools.

Nate Clayberg

Engage Employee Retention

Do you know what gets your employees out of bed each day? You may be surprised that it isn’t money. Through the use of the Motivators Assessment you can identify 23 individual motivators each employee has that can help you as a leader to begin engaging with them as an employee.

Nate Clayberg is a certified economic development professional. He has a diverse background in business development, fundraising, marketing, administration, sales and broadcasting. He has a valuable skill set that has been attained through formal education and career experience. Nate is regarded for his ability to seek valued relationships with key contacts using valuable soft skills to create an environment that nurtures trust to grow communities and organizations. He uses innovation and adaptability skills to solve problems while collaborating to succeed on initiatives. Nate believes education is the framework for success in life and is passionate about helping people find their career passions.

Vijay Muralidaran

Business Strategy Planning (Hoshin Planning)

Hoshin Planning, also commonly referred to as Policy Deployment, originated in Toyota and is widely used by many companies to establish a strategic vision for the short term (three to five years). Hoshin Planning not only establishes a collective vision and direction for a business of any size (small, medium and large) to define and execute in the long run, but also provides tactical aspects for that time period by deriving metrics and objectives for middle management and front-line employees. This presentation will include how Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen culture, Theory of Constraints blends into Policy Deployment.

Vijay Muralidaran is a Six Sigma Certified Black Belt who partners with all functional areas in order to lead a company’s strategy to deliver the best possible quality and customer experience. He has a proven background in combining the right expertise to drive outstanding results with lasting impact, encompassing alignment of strategy, top-line and bottom-line revenue, labor efficiency, and quality improvements.

Vijay is currently working toward his Master of Business Administration at the University of Northern Iowa. He received a Master of Science in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from North Dakota State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from the University of Madras in India.

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