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TB (Tuberculosis) Testing Requirements

A two-step TB test is required to attend clinical and is a state requirement for the PNN-100 Nursing Assistant course.

Clinical time missed due to this requirement cannot be made up, therefore you would need to drop the course to avoid a failing grade. Refunds will not be authorized for incomplete paperwork that causes you to fail or drop the course.

Please print the TB (Tuberculosis) Testing Requirement form [pdf] to be completed by your healthcare provider. You are required to use the Hawkeye Community College 2-step TB form.

Acceptable Tests

An initial 2-Step TB test is required for all students prior to clinical participation, unless a physician states otherwise. The 2-Step test consists of two separate TB tests 1–3 weeks apart and read within 48–72 hours after each test.

A 2-Step TB test is valid for for 5 years, but you must have a current 1-step.

If you are unable to receive a TB test, or your TB test result is + (positive) or you've tested positive in the past, then a QuantiFERON- TB Gold blood test and/or chest X-ray will be required. This test is valid for one calendar year.

Please have the physician document the need for additional exams/tests on the TB (Tuberculosis) Testing Requirement form [pdf] with a date, time, and location.

Hawkeye Community College does not pay for these tests.

Before the First Day of Clinical

Your instructor must have your completed TB (Tuberculosis) Testing Requirement form [pdf] before the first scheduled clinical day along with a copy of your negative test results.

If you were not able to have a 2-step TB test, you will also need to submit documentation of a negative chest x-ray or negative QuantiFERON- TB Gold test to be verified by your course instructor in order to attend class.

If you are being treated for TB, you must have your physician write you a note clearing you to attend clinical.

Health Coordinator

Elizabeth Cummings
Grundy Hall 121
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