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Summer Hours: May 23 – July 29, 2022: Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:30pm, Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm

Property Handyman Skills Camp

Property Handyman Skill Camp is for property owners of rental homes, apartment complexes, house flippers, and even people who want to save money fixing things around their own house. This skill camp will give you a foundation in electrical, carpentry, plumbing and HVAC to allow you to repair and replace the most common property maintenance problems.

An expert home builder and property owner will lead this class and share his years of expertise on how to diagnose the root cause of issues and then give you hands-on practice.

The need for competent and reliable handy-people is always needed in our area. Now is the time to create another income stream for yourself or develop these skills to save you money. The small price you pay for these classes will save you thousands of dollars years from now.

Class Information

Cost: Entire series is $599 | Individual classes are $109 per class
Complete five of six classes and earn a Level 1 Hawkeye Property Handyman Certificate.
Location: Cedar Falls


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Wall Repair

Learn how to repair small and large holes in drywall, including matching the texture of an existing wall and the proper use of tools and PPE. In addition, you will learn how to select the right paint for a job and practice the proper way to prime and paint a wall.


Gain the skills to properly install an interior and exterior door so it's square and plumb and replace locks and fix door latches. In addition, you will learn how to remove and install bi-fold closet doors.


Learn how to replace window glass, install an entire window, repair small rips in screens, and replace an entire window screen.


Practice installing new carpet and repair a section of damaged vinyl flooring. Additionally, gain an understanding of proper care and common problems associated with carpet and vinyl.

Plumbing and HVAC

Focus on plumbing basics, safety, and when to call a licensed professional. Learn how to fix a loose faucet handle, replace a faucet, and clean out a P-trap under a sink. Additionally, review the proper way to clean an AC condenser and how to troubleshoot simple furnace problems.


Review electrical safety, electrical wiring, and fuse boxes. Along with that, fix an unstable ceiling fan, replace a light fixture and know when it's necessary to call a licensed electrician.


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