Uncovering Leadership Blind Spots

In this workshop, you'll learn to identify common leadership blind spots that may be sabotaging your success.  Learn how you, as a leader, can impact organizational performance, employee satisfaction, and retention.

Facilitator: Michelle Gnida

Michelle Gnida is a Master Trainer and Global Award-winning Regional Manager for Dale Carnegie. For 22 years, she's assisted organizations in developing their people to grow their organizations faster – making a profound impact on their careers and their happiness at home.

Because evolving takes guts, Michelle creates a safe environment, with intense coaching and practice, so organizations, teams and Individuals can practice the hard stuff, the things that get in our way and the skills that really matter.

Michelle lives near Solon with her husband, Andy, and three kids, Louis, Zeb and Eleanor.  She is a graduate of Solon High School and the University of Iowa with a degree in Business.  In her spare time, she enjoys water skiing and competing in local triathlons.  She also teaches Sunday school at Solon United Methodist Church for junior high students. 

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