Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Money talks. If you don’t know the language to participate in those budgeting discussions, you are lost. In this session, gain a solid understanding of key financial terms, concepts, and metrics used in budgeting and accounting. Learn how to read financial statements and budget reports along with identifying problems spots and the questions to ask. Build confidence in your business acumen so you are able to track expenses, justify purchase requests, and forecast annual budgets.

Facilitator: Mitch Roose

Mitch Roose's passion for helping others led him to teaching assignments at three different colleges – Hawkeye Community College, Kirkwood Community College, and Wartburg College. Mitch teaches business and mathematics,  and draws on a wealth of knowledge he's gained from his education and previous experience. Mitch has a master's degree in business administration from the University of Iowa, as well as a bachelor's in electrical engineering, and has worked as a financial analyst for Northrop Corporation.

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