Remarkable Leadership

Everyone who is a team lead, supervisor, or manager has a reputation when it comes to what kind of leader they are. In this class, we will discuss what you can do to earn the trust and respect of others so that you can have a reputation for being a remarkable leader. Together we will focus on how you can connect your roles and responsibilities with your strengths and core values so that you are better able to lead in ways that make you, your team, and your company as successful as possible.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities you have as a leader.

  • Recognize the traits and characteristics of remarkable leadership in yourself and others.

  • Describe what you want to be known for as a leader.

  • Review potential action steps you could take to become a remarkable leader.

Facilitator: Mel Gonnerman Jr.

Mel Gonnerman Jr. is the director of industrial and organizational services at The Peerman Group. His Ph.D. is from Northern Illinois University where he specialized in Social and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Previously he was a faculty member in the psychology department at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), a research operations manager at the Center for Social and Behavioral Research at UNI, founder and executive director of a non-profit organization, and corporate planner and marketing director at a manufacturing company.

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