Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

More than ever, leaders must be willing to develop a high emotional acumen in order to lead and understand their team members. People want to be seen and treated as people. Gone are the days that we can simply treat people as things. What we know and have known for many years is that business is done through relationships and relationships require emotions. The key is tapping into the best of our emotions and developing effective strategies to minimize the emotions that hurt our opportunities to perform and influence.  

Leaders will:

  • Learn to appreciate the need and use of emotions in their business dealings

  • Strategize around emotions that our relationships at risk.

  • Build and increase trust by being a respectful and high leverage leader of people.

Facilitator: Heather Woody

Heather is a personal and professional success coach, specializing in coaching adult individuals and teams who are dedicated to stretching themselves. Heather works with people who are ready to take action in their lives and become the person they’ve always dreamed of being. It’s the people who want to achieve their goals faster and accomplish more than they ever imagined possible that Heather Woody will be invaluable. Heather currently resides in Iowa City, Iowa, with her husband, son, and daughter.

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