Leading Organizational Change and Getting Employee Buy-In

Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Time: 8:00am-Noon
Location: Buchanan Hall—Advanced Technology and Business Center

There are many different programs on change management and change agency, but what can we take from these programs and scholarly research on change which we can apply to real life? Our research has found that leaders at various levels of management in organizations need different skills to thrive – do you have the skills necessary to make change happen from the ground up? This session will be an abridged version of an initiative developed for industry to effectively lead and manage positive change both in your professional and personal life. Changing workplace and societal culture is one of the largest challenges we face today and this session will provide tools and insights how to make positive change a reality. Our research has found that whether you are an entry level manager, middle manager or executive manager you need different sets of skills. However, no matter what level you're at today or you strive to be at in the future, you must be able to cultivate change.

Facilitator: Daniel (Dan) Bumblauskas

Daniel (Dan) Bumblauskas is an assistant professor and the Hamilton / ESP Fellow of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the University of Northern Iowa.  Dan conducts research, teaches and consults in the field of operations and supply chain management and has published upwards of 30 articles in scholarly journals and conference proceedings.

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