Becoming an Agile Leader in the 21st Century

Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Time: 8:00am-Noon
Location: Buchanan Hall—Advanced Technology and Business Center

In the fast-paced, ever-changing reality of today, operating as a “predict and plan” leader is no longer enough. While predictions and plans have a place in leadership, the most effective leaders are able to rapidly and accurately sense what is happening around them, and respond accordingly.

During this half-day course, we will explore:

  • Self-awareness as the foundation to agile leadership.
  • The skills of sensing and noticing.
  • How to confidently and effectively lead through times of change and uncertainty.
  • The ways in which great leaders balance structure with flexibility.
  • Concrete tools and strategies to apply following the course.

Facilitator: Sarah Young

Sarah is an experienced talent management professional who has led multiple teams and projects in the corporate world, in her roles as implementation executive, staff management executive, implementation executive, and HR director. She is an entrepreneur, a certified professional co-active coach and leadership development consultant, and the founder of Zing Collaborative. She specializes in creating high-impact, highly experiential events, courses, workshops, and retreats that consistently receive top ratings from participants and clients.

During her time in the corporate world, Sarah partnered with executives from top healthcare institutions across the country to transform the way they provided care, owned leadership development programming across a 6500 person company, led staffing for a division of 1000+ people, and managed the hiring of 2000+ team members. Sarah is wildly passionate about empowering others to make the greatest impact possible in a way that feels alive. She blends real-world corporate experience with leadership development expertise, certified professional co-active coaching, and approaches that pull from cutting-edge research, agile methodology, and mindfulness. Clients state that their work with Sarah is actionable, relevant, sustainable, and transformative.

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