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Executive Leadership Certificate

As a leader in your organization, you are tasked with managing the fiscal health of your department while maintaining your team’s drive, innovation, and shared vision. Today’s leaders need to effectively manage the changing culture of their departments and organization as a whole, while tackling complicated problems in innovative ways. The Executive Leadership Certificate will equip and empower top-performing managers to realize their potential and help you bring your organization—and your career—to the next level of success.

Throughout the program you will learn how to:

  • Identify strategies for encouraging divergent thinking and fostering a culture of innovation.

  • Facilitate change by translating ideas into desired organizational results and identify the change process to implement your ideas.

  • Develop a greater awareness of cross-cultural dimensions to allow for more effective interactions with people from diverse backgrounds.

  • Respond decisively and consistently to tricky situations.


The Executive Leadership Certificate program meets quarterly and includes four half-day sessions that meet from 8:00am–Noon. In addition, you receive three hours of private coaching with one of the program facilitators.

Who Should Attend

The program is a great next step for graduates of LEAD, but is also perfect for higher-level management and executives.


Date Session Facilitator
February 21, 2017 Becoming an Agile Leader in the 21st Century Sarah Young
May 16, 2017 Leading Organizational Change and Getting Employee Buy-In Daniel (Dan) Bumblauskas
August 15, 2017 The Power of Corporate Culture and How to Harness It Mel Gonnerman Jr., Ph.D.
November 21, 2017 Mentoring for Success and Planning for the Future Heather Woody


The Executive Leadership Certificate is $1,299 per person.


Registration is closed for the current session of Executive Leadership.

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