Handling Hot Customer Situation with a Cool Head

This course will equip participants with the right attitude and strategies to handle customers who are not pleased with the organization so they can more confidently represent the business favorably and themselves professionally.

Course Goals

  • Comprehend the value of complaining customers and leveraging the opportunity to improve the organization.
  • Be exposed to a variety of strategies and practices to select the best technique for controlling an upset customer situation.
  • Practice the 5 Step Recovery Process in various customer scenarios.
  • Review techniques and practice how to frame a conversation or email that will resolve a heated exchanged between a customer service employee and client.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain why an upset customer is a “good thing.”
  • Demonstrate the various ways to deliver bad news.
  • Demonstrate skills to use when dealing with an irrational customer.
  • Explain why letting a customer vent is good practice.
  • Outline the 5 Step Recovery Process.
  • Demonstrate how to respond to an email from an upset customer.

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