The Fundamental Secrets to Customer Service that Win and Keep Customers

This course offers guidelines and best practices for providing outstanding customer service that will enable participants to build, maintain, and increase a loyal customer base.    

Course Goals

  • Define customer service
  • Understand who your customers are
  • Understand qualifies and characteristics of a good service provider
  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Adaptability to different generations
  • Demonstrate how to calm an upset customer
  • Understanding how your emotions impact the customer service you provide

Learning Outcomes

Customer Service

  • Articulate the value of a new customer versus retaining an existing customer
  • Explain reasons customers leave an organization
  • Define who your customers are
  • Define the qualities and characteristics of a good service provider

Customer Rapport

  • Describe ways you can build customer rapport.
  • Recognize and demonstrate active listening
  • Demonstrate words and tone of voice impact customer rapport.
  • Demonstrate mirroring/matching communication styles


  • Recognize customer’s emotions
  • Demonstrate how you can show empathy to a customer.

Generational Issues/Adaptability

  • Explain how generations have been influenced by their past.
  • Describe why it is important to work with each generation differently

Calming Upset Customers

  • Describe right/left brain influence on customer service
  • Describe the influential communications model
  • Demonstrate saying “no” positively
  • Explain the 5 Step Service Recovery Strategy

Emotional Intelligence

  • Explain how your own emotions can impact the customer service you provide
  • State the four factors of emotional intelligence

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