How to Control Telephone Conversations with Customers

This course provides guidelines and best practices enabling participants to work over the phone with customers, and present an image that reflects confidence, credibility, and capability.

Course Goals

  • Describe how communicating over the phone is different than face to face.
  • Greet, transfer and place a caller on hold properly.
  • Answer questions professionally and thoroughly.
  • Handle upset customers.

Learning Outcomes

Customer Service Over the Telephone

  • Define effective communication.
  • Explain how communication is different over the telephone.
  • Explain effective listening.

Greet Customers / Represent Your Business

  • Demonstrate how words and tone of voice impact customer service over the telephone

Answer questions professionally and thoroughly

  • Demonstrate how to respond to tough customer questions when providing customer support.

Transfer a Caller/Take a Message/Put a Caller on Hold

  • Demonstrate the proper way to transfer a caller
  • Demonstrate how to take a proper message
  • Explain when it is appropriate and how to put a call on hold

Handle Upset Customers

  • Describe the benefits of an upset customer
  • Explain the 5 Step Service Recovery Strategy
  • Explain things you should and shouldn’t do with an upset customer

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