Reserve Peace Officer Certification

Reserve peace officers must be certified within 18 months from the date of their appointment unless the academy council has granted an extension under administrative rule 501-10.200 (80D). During this 18-month time period, they will have to complete 80 hours of training and 40 hours of supervised time.

Reserve peace officers are those officers hired by an agency to serve in an auxiliary capacity. Not all agencies have reserve officers, but those who do will screen, hire, and train the officer within their department. You cannot attend the Reserve Officer training without first being hired by an agency with an active reserve program.

This training, developed by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), is organized into six modules. All classes are conducted by Iowa Law Enforcement Academy certified instructors.

Enrollment Requirements

Students must:

  • sign a waiver indicating that they are physically fit to participate in strenuous activities.
  • sign a waiver of liability before participating in * courses below.

Training Modules

Module A

  • Criminal Law
  • Haz Mat Awareness
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Court Organization

Module B

  • Crisis Conflict
  • Vehicle Stops
  • Collision Scene Control
  • Felony Calls
  • Role of Emergency Communication
  • Traffic Direction

Module C

  • Patrol Techniques
  • Defensive Tactics *
  • Ethics
  • Force Management

Module D

  • Juvenile Law
  • Search & Seizure
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Current Drug Trends/Investigation
  • Testifying in Court

Module E

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Civil Liability
  • Discretion
  • Precision Driving *
  • Interviews & Interrogation
  • Laws of Arrest

Module F

  • Introductions to Crime Scene
  • Motor Vehicle Law
  • Recognizing Impairment
  • Report Writing
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Working with Your Community
  • Community Policing

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Coordinator, ILEA Reserves

Melissa Ludwig
Health Education and Services Center 222C
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