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Reporting Wages to Social Security

When an individual starts or stops working or there is a change in earnings, it is important to report this information right away.

If an individual receives both SSI and SSDI, they must report wages to representatives of both programs.

To prevent overpayments from Social Security, gross wages should be reported within six days of the end of the month.

Reporting Wages

Choose one of the following to report your wages:

The information provided to Social Security must include:

  1. The Social Security number of the wage earner.
  2. The individual’s name as it appears on the Social Security card.
  3. The total monthly amount of gross wages for the wage earner (the amount of pay before taxes and other deductions).

Helpful Tips

  • Make an extra copy of the information submitted to SSA for the individual to retain in his/her records.

  • When reporting wages by mail, send the information via Certified Mail.

  • When reporting via fax; request documentation be sent regarding the wages being received. Also keep the fax transmittal sheet.

  • Individuals can sign up to receive a monthly e-mail or text message wage reporting reminder. Ticket to Work Representatives may also provide monthly reminders to job seekers as a way to support them and remind them to report earned income.

  • Wage Reporting Grid [pdf]


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